Success comes when you learn how to solve problems instead of complaining about them says CMA Global Inc.

Sales and marketing experts CMA Global Inc. have used their innovative approach to face-to-face communications to become one of Florida’s most exciting outsourced direct marketing firms. During a recent seminar, the company shared the importance of becoming a serial problem solver instead of a serial complainer to thrive in the competitive sales and marketing industry. 

Last week, the sales and direct marketing firm CMA Global Inc. held a seminar for their contractors, where they discussed the ways being a problem solver could lead to success. During the session, the firm stated that problem-solving is one of the most important skills a budding entrepreneur should develop.

CMA Global Inc. went on to claim that effective problem solving can only be done when an individual is in a clear and positive frame of mind. The firm explained that as problems are usually inevitable, it can be detrimental for professionals to get into the habit of complaining about their problems instead of actively seeking ways that they can solve them.

The firm then referred to a study conducted by Stanford University showing that individuals who complain for more than 30 minutes or more peeled away neurones in the hippocampus area of their brain, which is primarily the area of the brain that is responsible for problem-solving.

CMA Global Inc. was fascinated by these findings and are now discouraging their contractors from engaging in negative or complaining habits and are instead supporting them to become proactive problem solvers. The firm has now shared their top tips for becoming an effective problem solver.

Outline the relevant facts and identify the issues – CMA Global Inc. believes that if individuals want to become good problem solvers, they need to, first of all, have a comprehensive understanding of what the problem is. The firm also went on to add that individuals also need to understand that everyone will have different views of what the particular issues are and that good problem solving takes this on board.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – In many cases, asking for assistance can help individuals come to a solution faster; therefore, CMA Global Inc. advises professionals to take a collaborative approach to problem-solving.

Evaluate the options and make contingencies – By weighing up the pros and cons of certain solutions, CMA Global Inc. believe that individuals will give themselves the best chance of becoming effective problem solvers. The firm also emphasised the importance of making solid contingency plans as it can be an excellent way to prepare for foreseeable future circumstances.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, CMA Global Inc. specialize in delivering personalized marketing solutions on behalf of their clients. By developing focused, face-to-face campaigns, CMA Global Inc. can increase their brand awareness, sales revenue and customer loyalty.


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