Rapid growth is on the horizon for CMA Global

Rapid growth is on the horizon for CMA Global

Sales and Marketing firm CMA Global are taking their growth development to the next level and recently announced their ambitious plans to drive growth over the next year.

CMA Global is a personalized sales and marketing firm that specialize in driving brand awareness through face-to-face marketing campaigns. Their specialist approach to sales and marketing enables them to maximise engagement and build solid client and customer relationships.

The firm’s Managing Director, Marques Aiken recently announced that the company is showing positive signs of development and has shared their plans to take their development strategy to the next level.

As a firm that is driven by progression, CMA Global believe that their continual and steady growth within the market is a definite sign of success and are keen to build on this development. The company now plans to expand into seven different markets over the next 12 months in areas including South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina.

Marques Aiken is committed to ensuring that the firm achieves this goal and plans to encourage and motivate his workforce over the course of the year to collectively succeed. Aiken believes that taking a mindful approach to goal setting is the key factor to success and will help the firm make the right decisions.

Research has shown that maintaining clarity when setting goals is essential to having the motivation to achieve these aims. CMA Global agree and believe that it is hard for individuals to be motivated if they are unsure about what they are doing.

Speaking on the ways CMA Global will be implementing their growth plans, Marques Aiken said “to achieve a goal as a collective, it’s important for everyone to come into alignment, work together and get excited about reaching the desired level of success. We have certainly set some ambitious goals for CMA Global over the upcoming months. I am proud to have a passionate workforce who all excitedly share our vision, and I have no doubt that we will exceed our growth expectations over the next few months.”


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