How to Quash Procrastination in 2 Simple Steps Claim CMA Global

Atlanta based direct marketing and sales company, CMA Global believe that procrastination could be hampering entrepreneurs’ ability to succeed. The firm has recently been discussing in-house two simple steps on how to combat procrastination.

CMA Global understand that entrepreneurs are highly driven individuals, with a strong passion for creating the most innovative businesses and companies in the world. They have a determination to see their venture up and running that is admirable, they also often display the skills and resilience to persevere during adverse times. The firm understands its common for entrepreneurs to take higher than normal risks to build and operate their businesses. It’s easy to think that these individuals are incredibly focused and won’t have a problem with procrastination. CMA Global understand that in reality, no matter how much someone loves their work or the pressure to deliver, at some point everyone finds themselves procrastinating.

So with this in mind CMA Global believe that to quash procrastination entrepreneurs need first to start prioritizing their daily tasks, beginning with the most important. This is usually the one people dread doing the most, there are aspects of it that put people off, and they put it back to complete tomorrow or another day. The firm believes that taking this approach will leave the task at the back of minds and sitting heavy on their chest. It can often make people feel stuck, and as entrepreneurs are more often than not high achievers, they will tend to beat themselves up when seeing daunting tasks still left on the to-do list. CMA Global believe that the solution is an easy one, dive in and just get it done.

“Procrastination is one of the biggest thief’s of time; it’s easy to let the mind wonder when a large and significant task needs to be completed. At CMA Global we want to help all entrepreneurs overcome the issues attributed through procrastination on the opportunity for success” stated a spokesperson for CMA Global.

The second step CMA Global feel that entrepreneurs should take is to break tasks and projects into smaller pieces. For example, the firm believes that tasks can often be perceived as too big by the brain, such as to send ten follow up emails. People can start thinking about all those that need to be reached out to, and this generates a sense of anxiety and can leave people feeling overwhelmed. CMA Global believe the trick to accomplishing tasks is by breaking them down into steps, email one person at a time and trick the mind before its starts rationalizing the task.




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