Marques Aiken of CMA Global Looks at the New Candidate Driven Job Market

It was only a few years ago that the job market was saturated with qualified professionals seeking employment, but the times have changed. The economy is good and growing stronger by the day and now companies are vying for the top talent in almost every industry. In fact, in some industries, there is such a shortage of qualified individuals that HR professionals are working literally around the clock seeking out potential candidates. According to the CEO and owner of CMA Global, Marques Aiken, recruiting talent is much like customer acquisition and just as important to the growth and survival of any company, large or small.

“What we have found is that any business seeking a long-term relationship with talented professionals should start by building a strong brand,” Marques Aiken says. He explains that the key to finding and keeping talented people is to build a brand that anyone would want to work for. “This entails the use of what is known as ‘inbound recruitment’ and one that we have found to be extremely effective.”

Today’s job seeker, just like today’s consumer, is looking for brands they can identify with. “CMA Global has found that job seekers are really like customers you are trying to sell on your company. Employee retention is like customer retention in that you want to give them a reason to stick around. For too long now the job market has been highly mobile and that’s something inbound recruitment seeks to address,” says CMA Global’s Marques Aiken.

If done correctly, there will never be a need to seek out qualified candidates as a job opening arises. The goal of inbound recruitment is to build a brand so strong that job seekers come to you. Some companies have gotten so proficient at inbound recruitment that they have a long list of applicants checking back regularly to see if there are any openings in jobs they are interested in.

“These are the kinds of employees who will stick around for many years; they will build a career with your establishment,” says CMA Global’s CEO. “They already know about your company and what it is you stand for if you’ve done your marketing well. It’s all about creating a company culture that is a good fit for the types of applicants you are seeking. If you get it right, you will have no lack of applicants who are sincerely interested in your company as opposed to simply finding a job.

CMA Global understands the recruitment process because they are highly skilled direct marketing customer acquisition professionals. “Recruiting employees is the exact same thing as building a customer base and it all starts and ends with effective marketing.” That’s what CMA Global does and why they know that the right marketing will attract the right talent. Show your company to be the brand that fits their needs and that top talent will come seeking you. That’s inbound recruitment at its best.

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