CMA Global Talk About Setting Yourself Up for Success

Starting a business, whatever you aim to do, is a major undertaking, and while it can end up being the best thing you ever do and lead to great rewards, a lot of work needs to be put in to ensure this happens. Malcolm Gladwell famously said in his book Outliers (2008), that people who are considered greats invested around 10,000 hours of practice and effort into what they do, and it is this input that allows them to be the very best at what they do. He cites examples such as Bill Gates and The Beatles, demonstrating that in very diverse fields, the rule holds true – no matter how good your natural abilities, you have to work to manifest true greatness. Leading marketing company CMA Global have a lot of experience in helping new businesses achieve their goals, and here, managing director Marques Aiken talks about why the 10,000 hour rule is just as true in running your own business as in anything else:

‘When it comes to business, the 10,000 hour rule doesn’t so much refer to the time it takes practising to become as good as you have the potential to be, such as it might with things like computer programming or playing the guitar. You can’t really practice being an entrepreneur, after all, and you probably don’t want to wait 10,000 hours to start seeing your business perform.’ Marques Aiken, managing director at CMA Global began.

‘However, what we can learn from Gladwell here is that even with everything else in your favour – a good idea, good knowledge of your market, and natural business sense – you are not guaranteed to succeed if you don’t prepare yourself or put the right amount of work in.’

‘Planning, strategising, and perfecting all of your processes and approaches are vital, as is finding people to staff your company who are equally prepared to put in time and effort to drive the business toward success. Putting in the work and learning as much as you can in the initial stages of running a business is crucial to your later success.’

‘Happily, businesses don’t need to do this alone, as there are always professionals in various fields – such as ourselves in marketing – who can work alongside a new company and help steer things in the right direction using their own expertise. This is one of the reasons I believe what we do at CMA Global can be so beneficial to a new enterprise.’ Marques Aiken concluded.


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