CMA Global Review the Most Important Business Skills Needed

We’re living in an ever-changing world, and the effect on business is huge. Businesses operate in a very different way to how they did twenty years ago. This also means that new skills are required, and some skills that were highly valued previously may now be less important. A study by Top Ten Online Colleges looks at the future skills that are already making a big impact. Here, CMA Global review this study and assess its relevance to businesses across the United States.

“We all know that the world is being transformed, primarily by advances in technology, but how quick is a business to react to that?”, said the managing director of CMA Global. “Companies have to learn today to make advances tomorrow, and innovation will create a stronger brand identity and attract new customers.”

The study shows how the ten most important business skills today result from six external factors. These are the rise of smart technology, increases in processing power, social technology, increasing globalization, new communication tools, and increases in life expectancy across the world. This creates powerful new opportunities, but it also raises challenges for businesses who aren’t ready to transform the way they operate or the products that they offer.

To achieve success in this ever-changing world, new skill sets are needed. Some of these skills are based on the understanding of new technology, and a desire to make the most of it. Others deal with the way that we communicate. ‘Social intelligence’ is one of the most important business skills for businesses today. This means communicating with potential customers in a deep and direct way, to produce desired reactions. Another skill is ‘novel and adaptive thinking’. This reveals the importance of innovation in the modern market. Traditional methods are becoming less effective, so the smart business has to find new ways to drive their brand forward.

“It’s important for businesses to come up with new ideas to keep them one step ahead of the opposition”, said the managing director. “This is made much easier when you have a direct dialogue with your consumers. You can discern what they’re really looking for, and then come up with innovative ways to deliver it.”

A new and bespoke approach to marketing is important to maximize the potential that advances in technology is bringing. CMA Global help businesses build brand awareness and acquire new customers, and new technologies and methodologies are always at the forefront of their thinking.


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