CMA Global respond to study on workforce wellness

CMA Global respond to study on workforce wellness

For Jacksonville based sales and marketing experts, CMA Global, building a positive and supportive culture that helps their contractors thrive is of paramount importance. Last week, the firm was astounded to learn that more than half of America’s workforce feel that they are operating in an unpleasant and non-progressive environment.

In a statement released by the firm, CMA Global shared why the sales and marketing industry is leading the way when it comes to professional development. The company also outlined what they do to ensure their contractors are moving forward in an educational environment.

As a company that prides themselves on their ability to deliver bespoke marketing solutions for their high profile clients, CMA Global believe that for them to deliver such an outstanding service, they need to build a dedicated and engaged workforce that is aligned with their mission and goals. The firm feels that by nurturing the talents of their workforce and sharing their many years of expertise in the sales and marketing industry, their contractors will be more likely to take control of their own professional development and take active steps to achieve their goals.

CMA Global believe that this is the key to developing a happy and engaged workforce and were worried by the disturbing findings of the recent study into progression opportunities. Of the 3,066 adults surveyed, only 38 percent of them felt that they had good prospects for advancement within their current position.

CMA Global was alarmed by this low percentage and felt that it is here, that the sales and marketing industry triumph over other sectors when it comes to professional development opportunities.

As part of their progressive and innovative business model, CMA Global offer all of their contractors the opportunity to participate in their comprehensive business development programme, which provides mentorship, daily motivational workshops and national and international networking opportunities with some of the industry’s most revered figures.

CMA Global believe that this unique offering, which aims to give budding entrepreneurs all the tools needed to become successful business owners, is the reason why the sales and marketing industry continues to thrive.

A spokesperson for the firm said “Although the results of the study are worrying, it only does more to prove that CMA Global’s business model is on the right track. These results show that professionals are yearning for more development opportunities and I believe that CMA Global is in the best possible position to offer that.”


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