CMA Global on How Procrastination Can Be Your Biggest Roadblock to Success

From an early age, the CEO and owner of CMA Global, Marques Aiken, knew that he wanted to be his own boss. As a result, he learned to be on top of everything from his studies to the athletic programs he was involved in. In other words, there was no room for procrastination.

“I knew that in order to meet my goals, I had to be on top of things all the time. If I put one thing aside it impacted all other areas of my life and everything would get messed up. I couldn’t let that happen because I had a vision,” he explains. “So many students leave studying for exams until the night before when they cram everything into an all-nighter and by the time the test comes around, they are too tired to perform well. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is in business as well.”

What this energetic, high-level achiever says when advising his team at CMA Global is that time really is money and every moment wasted is money they could be making. Marques Aiken tells his team that the best way to avoid procrastinating is to keep everything on a calendar. Whether it’s a day planner or a digital calendar on their smartphones, don’t leave anything to chance.

CMA Global is a fast-paced direct marketing firm that understands there is no time to waste when it comes to customer acquisition. When they are out in the field their entire focus needs to be on customer acquisition which means that all strategies, paperwork, analytics and everything else that goes along with the job needs to be done in advance.

With two offices already in Florida and one in Atlanta, Georgia, CMA Global is expanding at a phenomenal rate. This would not be possible if the team wasn’t working in a cohesive, well-organized manner and that wouldn’t be possible if even one link in the chain procrastinated. Citing the many CEOs who plan their day in 15-minute segments, Marques Aiken explains that if even one task is set aside, like a line of dominos, the rest of the day will come tumbling down.

Although he hates to use the old cliché, he says that there is infinite wisdom in saying that you should “never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” The biggest roadblock to success is procrastination, and that’s something that’s just not in this young entrepreneur’s vocabulary as the rapid growth of CMA Global surely proves.



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