CMA Global have been investigating the entrepreneurial mindset

CMA Global have been investigating the entrepreneurial mindset

As a network of ambitious and driven professionals, CMA Global are fascinated by successful entrepreneurs’ mindsets and what sets them apart from regular employees.

CMA Global, a fast-growing direct sales and marketing firm has taken a stance on the mentality needed to be a success within the organization. Managing Director Marques Aiken has committed his career to train and develop the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, ensuring they are equipped to handle all the challenges that business ownership will throw at them. The experienced Managing Director shared his view that the majority of entrepreneurs are limiting their capabilities, due to adopting an employee mindset. Being a success requires a commitment to going the extra mile; and instead, embracing an entrepreneurial mindset.

An entrepreneurial mindset is a specific state of mind which orientates innovative thinking towards entrepreneurial activities and outcomes. This entrepreneurial type of mentality helps an individual to seize their goals and become successful in business because they are flexible, initiative, critical thinkers and problem solvers at the same time being comfortable with taking risks.

“My career only gathered momentum when I became curious about the marketing industry and how entrepreneurs achieved their success. Initially, I was reluctant to take risks, as fear of failure was my biggest concern. When my career was reaching a stalemate, I reached out to my mentor, and together we worked on developing a fresh approach to learning new skills and improved positive thinking. I want to encourage those with great potential within my business to maximize all opportunities and achieve great success,” highlighted Marques Aiken.

Even though some people naturally turn their hand to entrepreneurship, one can teach, learn and practice an entrepreneurial mindset. Extensive business qualifications are not required to be a successful entrepreneur but there is a certain mindset an entrepreneur must cultivate to grow and lead their business. CMA Global believes that business leaders who attain this entrepreneurial mindset are the ones who ultimately become successful and will be running free in-house workshops in a bid to educate and inspire an entrepreneurial spirit within the workplace.

This week’s workshop saw the firm learn simple yet effective strategies to get them started on their journey to success, including:

  • Have a growth mindset to achieve continuous development and reach true potential
  • No risk, no reward – mistakes are a vital part of growth so embrace challenges and use errors to develop future strategies
  • Curiosity will keep an entrepreneur thirsting for more because they should never stop learning.
  • Find gratitude and celebrate others’ successes to show appreciation for current accomplishments
  • Shun the negative and feed the positive because positive thoughts will become words, then actions that have an impact on the level of success

CMA Global will remain committed to young entrepreneurs, coaching and guiding them to a brighter future. Further workshops are scheduled for the firm’s staff and contractors.



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