CMA Global Inc. - countdown to Sales & Marketing Awards

CMA Global Inc. looks ahead to the 2017 Sales and Marketing awards in New York

Direct marketing specialists CMA Global Inc. are delighted to be attending the prestigious sales and marketing awards in New York this July. In a recent statement, the Florida-based firm explained how their attendance at the awards ceremony would mark an exciting development for the company.

Last week, CMA Global Inc. expressed their excitement to be attending the sales and marketing awards in New York in July. In addition to rewarding the hard work of some the industry’s brightest and best talent, the firm believes that attending this award ceremony will be a fantastic opportunity to develop their network and gain further insight into upcoming industry trends.

Ahead of the awards in July, CMA Global Inc. has been discussing the importance of rewarding hard work and how award ceremonies can help businesses increase their success.

Land new customers – Gaining industry-wide recognition can have positive repercussions for a business. Winning industry awards can help fuel a firm’s growth and increase their client base and reputation. Customers prefer to be affiliated with an award winning company and are more likely to recommend that company to others when they receive an award-winning product or service.

Attract new talent – Winning awards can help businesses attract brand new talent. Potential new hires are more likely to want to be associated with an award-winning brand as it demonstrates excellence and shows that they are at the top of their game.

To be involved in the elite – Companies that win industry awards are instantly placed in the same league as other outstanding companies. This can be used as an advantage when firms are looking to build their network or expand into additional markets.

CMA Global Inc’s Managing Director, Marques Aiken says “We can’t wait to attend the sales and marketing awards in July. It’s always great to see hard work rewarded and we’re excited to be able to network with some of the industry’s leading figureheads. These awards will be the perfect opportunity to get an insight into the next industry developments and will allow us to take our growth strategy to the next level.”

CMA Global Inc. is a sales and marketing firm that specialise in personalized marketing. They constantly look at ways to reach their client’s customers and develop focused campaigns that increase customer satisfaction.

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