CMA Global Inc discuss what makes a great leader.

Direct Marketing and sales specialists CMA Global discuss some of the top traits that make great leaders. The Atlanta-based firm have recently held a workshop defining the top traits shared by some of the biggest and brightest names in business.

Every business owner or executive will have a different perspective on the approach they take to their leadership style based on their experience. It’s important to understand that not all situations require the same type of leadership. A great leader has the ability to adapt to their surroundings in order to help empower their teams to achieve.

There are always experts and countless books out there that will make certain claims or agree on certain principles that are required to get the most out of a team’s ability to achieve success, but it fundamentally comes down to the leader’s ability to get a job done.

CMA Global have identified their top traits for the making of a great leader, and they are the following:

1.) They have faith in their beliefs – Without belief in themselves how can they expect others to follow suit unless they have solid faith in their own ideas. Once these ideas are in place they can only be built on by being a great communicator, listening to others and setting a good example to those around them by putting their best foot forward. A great leader is one that is passionate about what they do, as well as having the confidence in themselves and their followers that they have to motivate and inspire.

2.) They aren’t afraid to make the hard choices – Great leaders aren’t scared of making those hard decisions. They’re also willing to self-sacrifice in order the benefit those around them. They understand that as a business owner its not just their own family that are relying on them, it’s the families of the team as well. Even if the business is small, they’re potentially indirectly responsible for about 10 or more people.

3.) They earn the respect of the team and don’t demand it – They have the understanding and emotional intelligence to show respect, empathy and care to those that follow them these are some of the most influential traits of a great leader. Being able to earn the respect of their colleagues is crucial for successful relationships. Empathetic leaders have the ability to tap into the emotions of their workforce in order to connect with the in a way that lets them know the leader understands what it means to be in their situation.

4.) Know the team – Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each individual within the team helps to develop a strategy that will help the leader to effectively manage the out of the workforce or team that will enable success. Great leaders will have a vision and use the resources available to them to help solve problems. They aren’t afraid to make hard decisions and take risks, knowing that they aren’t always going to be right.

CMA Global Inc believes that branding is incredibly important when it comes to recruitment, company culture and reducing costs. Having a respected brand is a crucial part of the success of any business in the modern workplace. It will have a significant impact on strategy as it goes a long way in helping firms find and recruit better candidates, reduce the overall hiring costs and subsequently improve productivity massively.



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