CMA Global Inc: “How Character Fuels Intentness”

According to an article on Craig Impelman, “How Character Fuels Intentness” the writer talks about the pyramid of success and how intentness is one of the qualities for leaders to progress further and reach their capability. CMA Global Inc. values the quality of intentness. The willingness to do something worth of their capability, our representatives are well equipped in this criteria. Impelman writes, “Coach Wooden once summarized this concept as “patience with action”—that is, having the determination, stamina and resolve to stay the course when things aren’t going well. A great leader not only has intentness as an individual character trait, but also builds and coaches his or her team or organization in a manner that promotes and encourages intentness from all team members. A leader and team with intentness truly believes that “a setback is a setup for a comeback.”


“This is a very powerful statement. A great leader knows their character and they are able to find encouragement through their actions and believe in themselves,” says Marques Aiken of CMA Global Inc. Impelman also writes, “Too many of us are concerned with building a reputation or obtaining material possessions. We should be more interested in building character within ourselves. Material possessions can’t bring contentment, peace of mind, happiness or true success. Adversity and power reveal character.” The real ability of success is within character and intentness is just one of the factors that helps individuals go towards it.


“Individuals often associate power with authority and want that badly. But they fail to understand that real respect and authority is earned, not taken. It’s because the individual, as a leader, is worthy of being recognized that makes him/her someone with intentness,” says Marques Aiken of CMA Global Inc. Impelman ends his article by stating, “The saying “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” aptly describes a team with intentness. The “tough” have character. The leader desiring a team with intentness should select the team carefully.”


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