CMA Global Highlights How Sports Can Be the Ultimate Business Teacher

Business leaders ultimately want to learn as many tricks of the trade as possible. This is particularly true for budding entrepreneurs, where the need to incorporate every effective tactic possible can make the difference between success and failure. For those looking for inspiration, the world of sports isn’t such an odd suggestion as it may appear. Recently, CMA Global CEO Marques Aiken outlined how his personal experience in professional football has aided him in pursuing the most effective strategies in the world of business.

Arguably the most effective way to properly manage teams and ensure communication flows effectively is to designate team captains in both arenas, Marques Aiken noted. “Football teams often have team captains, but so many business leaders fail to adequately address the needs of delegation”, he said. “Knowing when to delegate and who to trust can make the difference between a smooth expansion and a nightmarish failure”, he went on to state. Marques Aiken also emphasized how important the need for team captains and delegation in general are when expanding any business venture.

Another key component to ensuring business success is matching up people with talents. In the world of football, Marques Aiken explained that putting the wrong teammates in the wrong positions can cost a team a chance at victory. In business, the risks may not seem so immediately, but CMA Global understands exactly how critical decision making in the present can be in affecting future performance. As such, Marques Aiken advised that assessing and understanding the innate talents of each employee – and finding how to utilize them most effectively – is vital in maximizing performance.

Just as important as knowing who to play where and how to delegate responsibilities, effective coaches and leaders must know when it is time for a change. In business and sports alike, certain strategies will cease to provide value after a certain point. As part of its never-ending pursuit to uncover and utilize the best strategies possible, CMA Global is familiar with the fact that strategies have shelf-lives. Leaders must know that there will come a time in which changing employee structure, marketing efforts or business goals will become necessary.

Through his career in professional football, Marques Aiken learned lessons that are immensely valuable in the world of business. CMA Global has been strengthened by this knowledge and will continue to assist its clients in achieving the very best results possible – both in the office and among target audiences.
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