CMA Global Explains How Personal Branding Is Crucial for Leaders

In business, perception can mean everything. Businesses that want to expand reach, build loyal customer bases and ultimately maximize profitability need to have sound strategies in place to achieve these goals. In many situations, branding and marketing can have a profound impact on any business and its ability to succeed. What some forget, however, is the effect that personal branding can have on audiences. Leaders must work hard to cultivate strong personal brands that are associated with their endeavors. Recently, CMA Global CEO Marques Aiken discussed this dynamic with a round-table of industry executives and outlined key points to consider in personal branding.

Marques Aiken summarized some important factors in why personal brands are so important these days, and where the need for them originates. “Not so long ago, the business brand and the personal brand were essentially indistinguishable from one another. Deals were made and relationships were forged in-person, at country clubs and in boardrooms”, he noted. “How people felt about you was how they felt about your business, meaning a lot was on the line every time you walked in a room”, he went on to explain.

While the nature of corporate interaction has changed considerably over the past 20 years, the human element still plays a pivotal role in many situations. Businesses and brands spend billions on marketing each year to influence consumers to see their personas as more “relatable”, “human”, and “personal”. Particularly true for B2B companies, the need for strong personal branding when negotiating deals or discussing terms still matters greatly. CMA Global discusses with clients the need for leaders within a company to cultivate strong, affable personalities for interacting with the public-at-large.

Networking opportunities, in general, are also impacted by personal branding, according to Marques Aiken. One of the biggest pieces of advice that CMA Global impresses on its clients is the need for leaders within the company to focus on cultivating professional presences. From headshots and active social media presence to opportunities for leaders to demonstrate their expert status in the online arena, these elements affect how leaders are perceived – in many cases before an in-person first impression can even occur.

A variety of components ultimately make up the totality of any personal brand; in a world where leaders reflect their brands, cultivating and maintaining a personal brand is crucial. CMA Global understands the importance of quality first impressions and will continue to counsel its clients on how to improve branding for both businesses and their leaders.

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