CMA Global Explain Why Face to Face Marketing Gives You the Edge

We are constantly being told in business that we live in a digital age, and that reaching our target markets has never been easier thanks to things like social media marketing. Of course, on the one hand, this is completely true, but it does present a whole new range of challenges. The average person, thanks to Twitter, Facebook,IG, email and mobile social apps now receives around 3000 new messages a day, many of them of a promotional nature. Because almost everyone has now adopted social media and email marketing, messages which are sent, no matter how well the audience has been targeted, can very easily be lost in the constant deluge of information people are bombarded with. This is why leading marketing agency CMA Global believe there is now an even greater value in face to face marketing than ever before. Here, managing director at CMA Global Marques Aiken explains why:

‘There has always been an extra value to talking to people face to face, but in an age where it is vital to make your messages stand out from thousands of others, delivering them in this way is even more powerful.’ Marques Aiken began.

‘Face to face marketing, using things like events, can allow you to have a much stronger impact on the people you are trying to promote to, and can also lead to a much stronger sense of brand identification. The people you use to communicate with your target market become a part of your brand in their own right, and being able to put a human face to a service or product is extremely powerful when you are concerned with sticking in a person’s memory.’ he continued.

This is not to say that face to face marketing is the only thing a business needs, a good marketing mix is essentially what is required by anyone looking to win over a larger audience. CMA Global aim to help their clients identify and implement the best mix of approaches for their specific audience, and they believe that face to face marketing is an important but regularly overlooked part of that.

‘Many people believe a face to face element to their marketing approach is no longer necessary, especially if they mainly exist on the web.’ Marques Aiken of CMA Global added. ‘This is actually far from the truth – companies who still see the value in a face to face approach are really seeing the benefits in terms of separating their messages from the noise people see on their phones and computer screens every day.’


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