CMA Global Discuss Driving Quality Through Competition

As a firm committed to the continued development and improvement of their community, CMA Global has spent the last week examining ways to improve the quality of their training. As a result, Managing Director Marques Aiken has announced a series of upcoming competitions intended to strengthen professional relationships with clients as well as within the company.

The Atlanta based event marketing organization pride themselves on providing a supportive and fun environment for their contractors, investing in a bid to allow them opportunities to succeed and operate at their best at all times. In addition to these efforts, CMA Global is keen to further improve their training across the board to ensure every area of their work is of the highest quality. From their internal relationships and the service they provide to their clients, to their attitude towards consumers, CMA Global is committed to raising the bar.

To make sure this happens the firm is running a number of incentives and competitions over the course of the summer, all of which have been designed to keep their contractors motivated and connected to their objectives. Those reaching their weekly goals and making notable improvements are set to receive rewards such as cash prizes, state of the art home appliances and paid-for dinners at exclusive restaurants. Mr. Aiken and the entire management division at the CMA Global Atlanta offices believe that to become the most successful marketing minds in the business, they must ensure company culture is strong and retain a network of like-minded people aligned to their company values.

To further ensure the improved quality of their company procedures, CMA Global has been running observation clinics with team members, observing how their peers operate on a daily basis. Contractors receive intimate mentoring from the Managing Director, sharing advice and coaching one another. Following mentoring sessions, Mr. Aiken has been checking in after two days to see how individuals have implemented the information and sharing what they have learned.

The Managing Director is confidently optimistic that these efforts and company-wide incentives will help drive quality throughout the CMA Global Inc brand.



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