CMA Global Discuss How We Can All Elevate Women And Give Them A Voice in Business

CMA Global Discuss How We Can All Elevate Women And Give Them A Voice in Business

Direct sales and marketing experts, CMA Global, are firm believers in equality for all. No special dispensation for good or bad. The firm believes that putting labels on the differences people share will cause divide, rather than highlight and promote how we are in fact all the same. The firm is urging others in the business world to shatter the glass ceilings placed on women.  

In the last few months of 2017 and beginning of 2018, we saw a change in stance on the perception of women. However, they still face a vast number of challenges. Women are often considered to be one of two extremes: sweet but easily imposed on or too harsh and too strong. There is no middle ground; the mindset of many in the business world is that to reach the top in their careers women have to be competitive or cruel rather than them being talented and ambitious.   

Many women lack confidence in their ability and themselves as a result. They doubt themselves in a way that their male counterparts seemingly rarely do.  

While the number of women holding the reigns of Fortune 500 companies has grown in the last few years, they still account for fewer than 12 percent of executives. As a result, CMA Global are urging more companies to shatter this glass ceiling and have released a list of ways to make a more equitable and competitive workplace for all:  

Banish gender in the recruitment process and recruit/promote based on talent and potential: Everyone wants to work with like-minded people. Women are often placed in staff jobs or highly technical positions that are limited in opportunities to advance based on preconceived ideas about their ability to do specific roles. Many take the stances that because there are children at home, the answer is no when it comes to progression or specific industries. Managers need to cultivated talent as well ass offering cross-training opportunities for women to move into the “nontraditional sectors”. 

Promote gender-neutral networking: Networking is a fantastic way of progressing your career particularly if you are a budding entrepreneur. However, many female employees find a day of bonding at a go-kart track, paintballing or many other testosterone filled activities daunting. Try making all employees feel welcome by focusing on activities that everyone can enjoy such as treating everyone to a fancy meal or excursions to mountain retreats.  

Adopt a zero-tolerance policy: Sexism, harassment and discrimination serve no place within a modern organization. Driving out such behavior will in turn boost morale and show remaining employees they are valued members of the team.  

Encourage better mentoring relationships: It might be a case that some female employees are reluctant to toot their own horn and sound out their success as well as advocate for advancement in fear of being perceived in an unfavorable light. Having a senior mentoring program can provide fantastic opportunities for job feedback and help female employees find their way through the maze that is the business world. Champion their interests to senior management.  

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