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Boost your productivity tips using CMA Global’s definitive guide

CMA Global are an ambitious young firm that is continuously aiming to utilise their skills and expertise to drive their growth fully. In a statement released by the company, CMA Global share their definitive productivity tips to help inspire professionals to achieve their goals.

In the fast paced world of the ever-changing sales and marketing industry, CMA Global believe that it has never been more important for professionals to be operating at their optimum productivity levels to cater to the growing demands of consumers and brands.

As a result, the firm is committed to helping their contractors boost their productivity by offering ongoing training and mentorship to ensure that they are fully equipped with the tools they need to fulfil their goals.

Last week CMA Global released a statement, where they outlined their key productivity tips to inspire young professionals to make the most of their time.

Use the commute to deal with small tasks – CMA Global believe that using the commute to deal with smaller tasks such as checking emails or reading paperwork, not only frees up time later in the day but also helps individuals become mentally prepared for their day before they even arrive in the office.

Take time out throughout the day for regular breaks – Attempting to push through when feeling tired or when losing concentration can hurt productivity claims CMA Global. Instead, the firm suggests taking short but frequent breaks throughout the day to improve concentration and re-energize.

Tune out from unnecessary distractions – According to a study conducted by CareerBuilder, smartphones, the internet, social media and emails are among the ten biggest workplace productivity killers, with over half of employers stating that they considered cell phones to be the biggest distraction. CMA Global was surprised by these results and are now urging their contractors to reduce their distractions as much as possible so that they are free to focus on the task at hand.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida CMA Global specialise in delivering personalized marketing solutions for brands to increase their brand awareness, customer acquisitions and sales revenue. By forming face-to-face connections with consumers, CMA Global can maximize engagement and build brand loyalty for their clients.


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