About Us

CMA Global Inc. was formed to bridge the gap between big brand businesses, their consumers and potential customers.
Who are CMA Global Inc.?
As a company, we specialize in personalized marketing because we believe that it is the quickest and most- efficient way to reach your customers. By developing strategic and demographic focused campaigns, which gives us the best outlet to facilitate our clients’ needs, without the large space overheads and ongoing payroll bill. CMA Global Inc. creates a platform which offers brand exposure and recognition directly to the customers’ needs via the client. Providing a hands-on service including customer care, product demonstrations and pre-sales care; brands can personalize their campaigns to maximize engagement and build a sound basis for a client relationship.
Previous clients have reported increased levels of customer experience satisfaction, and higher return on customer retention.
When it comes to what we value the most, on behalf of our clients from telecommunication, sports, finance, health, beauty and non-profit organizations scaling in at the top of the agenda would be brand awareness at CMA Global Inc. Brands can acquire full measurable results with the principal analytics reported weekly to offer maximum opportunities to develop practical market-specific strategies.


Outsourcing is a great solution for businesses who need to create rapid results to maximize on business opportunities. Low investment options are ideal for growing businesses that may be short on time or resources. CMA Global Inc. offers a variety of options for businesses looking to execute promotions, generate market research, communicate a brand message or increase market share. By tailoring each client’s objective, we can completely personalize their service and generate more useful results.
Often substantial investment is needed when a business is trying to expand, sourcing financial investment, training new team members and researching target markets can force companies to miss out on windows of opportunity. Outsourcing removes the need for those restricting measures, hiring experts relieves growing businesses of resource draining processes, that otherwise are quickly taken care of by experts in that field. CMA Global Inc. has substantial experience in delivering significant results from multiple industries.
CMA Global Inc. will achieve results from day one, driving brand awareness by implementing multiple effective outlets of face to face communication. Creative campaigns will allow consumers to engage with your brand, customer service will be second to none, leaving each and every interaction positive, and building personality around the brand image. Our cost-efficient services will deliver a guaranteed ROI.
Our free consultation allows new customers to explore the potential opportunities working with us brings. Our strategies are designed to improve communication with potential customers at the foundation. We are able to generate live market research and assess the overall success rate of a full product launch from smaller localized test markets.